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A. Spiritual Qualities

1. Spiritual maturity and stability

2. Christian Example

3. Sensitive to spiritual counseling

4. Evidence of Christian growth

5. Spiritual leadership

6. Church attendance & participation

B. Job Performance

1. Performance of specified jobs

2. Ability to work well with others

3. Ability to follow instructions

4. Industry, resourcefulness, enthusiasm

5. Responsible / can work unsupervised

6. Willingness to learn / try new things

C. Personality Characteristics

1. Gets along with others

2. Emotional maturity and stability

3. Social awareness, tact, friendliness

4. Outgoing / makes friends easily

5. Acceptance by peers

D. Character

1. Honesty

2. Truthfulness

3. Reliability

4. Morality

5. Faithful to commitments

6. Attitude toward authority

7. Trustworthiness with children

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